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What is Agritrue?

We are a community of food producers committed to the highest standards of beyond organic production. Agritrue producers must work to improve their land each year by building soil and working with, not against, nature. These days, even our organic produce is often lacking in vitamins and minerals because the existing standards do not encourage things like soil building and ecologic diversity on the farm. You can taste the difference!

How do I sign up my farm?

Signing up your farm for Agritrue can be done in about 15 minutes. Just click on pricing plan or submit a listing. Either page will walk you through the process. You will need either a PayPal account or a major credit card. You will also need a current e-mail address and any details you want to add to your listing such as business phone number, Facebook page, or website. Once your listing is complete, be sure to visit our download page so that you can add our label to your product packaging. By submitting a listing you agree to abide by Agritrue’s terms and conditions. You agree to abide by holistic food production practices as outlined in our Terms.

How is certification enforced?

Certification is enforced by the consumer. We have setup an open source model based on community interaction. Local consumers are encouraged to schedule a trip to the farm and interact with the farmer. We believe everyone should see where their food comes from whenever possible. If you feel that a farmer or store is not following regenerative practices, feel free to contact us to discuss the matter.

How can I download product labels for my farm-based products?

Simply create a listing on our site to help promote your farm or store. This will unlock the downloads page when you log into the site. From there, you can download high quality copies of our badges which you may display proudly on your product packaging. Just remember, it is a violation of our Terms to display the GMO-Free badge unless your farm is complete;y free of all genetically modified products.

Why do you allow some meat and egg producers to use GMO feed?

Due to the fact that small scale farmers might not have access to GMO feed in some markets, it is allowed as long as your animals are on actual pasture. The idea is that pastured eggs/meat raised on GMO feed is 1000x better than any product from a factory farm We also want to grow small scale farming to a point where there is enough demand in every market for GMO-free feed one day. Since Agritrue was setup to help the small-scale producers, we thought it was important to give them access to the brand so that their businesses can grow and attract more people into farming. If you grow from zero people asking the feed store owner to stock GMO-free to 5-6 people asking about it every time they buy feed, you send a signal all the way up the supply chain and force change. If you are looking for GMO free products, simply choose one of our farms with the GMO-Free badge on their listing.

What exactly is regenerative agriculture and permaculture? Why is it better?

Regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainable. We seek to restore soil live, biodiversity, and resiliency to our local farms while minimizing off-farm inputs such as fertilizer and feed. Permaculture is a design science used to work with natural systems. It can be as simple as placing your animals upgrade of your garden so that nutrient runs down hill to your plants or as complex as designing a 500 acre food forest. If you are stacking functions on your farm to benefit people and planet, you are practicing permaculture.

What are your Terms of Service?

All farms and service providers shall agree to abide by our standards of food production. Any violation of the AgriTrue terms of service may result in a listing being deleted at any given time. AgriTrue will refund for the remaining cost of the listing based on the number of days left in a given subscription. AgriTrue’s food standards include, but are not limited to the following:

-AgriTrue producers do not necessarily have to currently meet organic guidelines, but must be working towards those goals
-AgriTrue Producers must agree to treat all animals humanely. Animals will always have daily access to fresh, green land, sunshine, food, water, and shelter.
-AgriTrue Producers will work every year towards the goal of reducing or eliminating off-farm inputs by using Permaculture methods such as function stacking
-AgriTrue Producers must agree to never grow GMO plants or use herbicides on food crops.
-AgriTrue Producers should avoid GMO feed when possible. We understand that an animal raised on pasture with GMO feed is likely in far better health than a confined animal fed organic feed. It is unfortunate that a quality GMO-free feed is not readily available in some markets. As such, we only require that you disclose your use of GMO livestock feed and that you refrain from using the GMO-free badge.
-AgriTrue Producers will not use feed medicated with antibiotics.
-AgriTrue Producers will actively work to improve soil life and biodiversity on their farms

AgriTrue reserves the right to refuse, omit, suspend or change the position of any listing submitted for inclusion on the site. We will refuse listings with profanity, offensive text, images, or files, or any listing we deem to be inappropriate. The same applies for any rating submitted by site users. Listings may only be for your uniquely branded product or service. You may not list MLM items for sale on the site. You can also sell value-add products made on your farm. For example, you may purchase bulk herbs and make a custom tea blend or make soap from base ingredients, so long as the production takes place on the farm.
Basic listings will be limited to no more than 300 characters and will not include a map icon, photo gallery, uploads, or tags. All other listings will include 1200 characters max, file uploads, 12 image photo portfolio to showcase your farm, Google Maps listing, and tags.
Premium listings are purchased for a minimum of 12 calendar months and will remain on the site for the duration of the subscription unless removed by an admin. Farms are limited to one listing per category. Duplicate listings will be deleted and a refund issued at the discretion of the Admin.
Please note the following:
Payment will only be accepted via PayPal and you are responsible for renewing subscriptions. We will send out reminder e-mails, but your listing will be removed on the day after your subscription ends. We will attempt to keep a backup, but make no guarantee to save your listing after your subscription expires. By default your listing will be set to auto-renew at the end of your subscription unless you specify otherwise. To cancel an auto-renew, please contact the site Admin.
If you are not satisfied or want to cancel your subscription for any reason you may do so and we will refund the remainder of your subscription starting with the most recent calendar month. So, if you submit a request to cancel any time in October and your subscription expires in November, you will be refunded for both months. All cancellation requests must be submitted to the site Admin with “AgriTrue Cancellation” in the subject of the e-mail.
The goods and services advertised through this section of the website are offered by members and third parties who are not necessarily affiliated with AgriTrue or PermaEthos. We do not necessarily endorse any of the goods or services being advertised. We provide no guarantee of the quality or service level provided by farms on the listing. We only provide a medium for the goods and services to be advertised. We have no control or responsibility for:
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áThe quality, safety or legality of the goods or services being advertised
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áThe truth or accuracy of the description of the goods or services being advertised
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áThe ability of the vendor to sell and/or deliver the goods or services being advertised or
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áThe ability of the purchaser to pay for the goods or services being advertised
You should exercise no lesser degree of caution when entering into transactions for the sale or purchase of good or services advertised through this section of the AGriTrue website – whether as vendor or purchaser – than you would exercise when entering into a similar transaction elsewhere. Purchasers should consult the relevant vendor directly about its products and services and the terms and conditions on which they are provided before making any decision about these products and services. However, we want to make AgriTrue a community of trustworthy partners working together to change the way food is produced. We want feedback from both farms and their customers. Please e-mail any complaints or disputes to the site Admin and we will work with you to mediate any situation whenever possible. While we can make no product guarantees, we take this standard of clean, responsible food seriously. We will not hesitate to remove a farm from the site if they are found to be in violation of AgriTrue standards.
We cannot and do not control the completion or validity of transactions for the sale or purchase of goods or services advertised through AgriTrue. Accordingly, you release us, our agents and employees from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with any claims or demands relating to goods or services offered or actually sold through AgriTrue.

How can I report a violation of your Terms?