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Nine Mile Farm

Nine Mile Farm is a small 3 acre farm specializing in beyond organic duck and quail eggs. We serve the Dallas - Fort Worth area and our eggs are featured in some of the areas top farm to fork restaurants.

Happy and healthy birds produce healthy and great tasting eggs. Once you try our eggs it will ruin you on mass produced eggs forever. Fresh eggs from our Farmstead have deep yellow orange yolks and solid whites compared to the watery whites and faded yellow color of store bought eggs.

Why Our Eggs Have Better Color and Texture

First and foremost our birds are not confined. They free range across our land and are free to feed on insects, wild seeds and fresh pasture forage. This is the natural diet of ducks. When you buy eggs that promise a 100% vegetarian diet in the store, you are buying eggs from birds that are constantly confined. That in fact is the only way to guarantee a vegetarian diet because ducks are omnivores.

Our birds spend countless hours pursuing grass hoppers and other insects and in turn only consume about 60% of the prepared feed they would if we confined them. It is a combination of this exceptional wild based diet and daily exercise that keeps our birds at the peak of health and producing top quality eggs.

For prepared feed we feed our birds on Texas NaturalÔÇÖs Feed which is 100% non GMO and free from any soy products as well. If you are looking for this feed in our area we buy ours from Russell Feeds We also feed our birds sprouted black oil sunflower daily which is a super food that provides an incredible nutrition boost and the birds absolutely love it.

Cost of Our Duck Eggs

We sell our duck eggs for $8.00 a dozen and let us warn you, try duck eggs and you may never buy a chicken egg again. Duck eggs are rich and have amazing yolks, if you like eggs over easy, sunny side up, etc. duck eggs are for you. You will almost never break a yolk because they are firm and hold together so well.

Duck eggs are also amazing for baking and for egg wash for breading fried foods. There are times when we actually consider going to 100% ducks on our farm because their eggs are just that good. In fact for our personal use we now use duck eggs for all our personal egg needs. Yes, they are that good.

We Now Have Quail Eggs

This year we have added Japanese Quail to our farm and are now offering their eggs for the price of 4 dollars per pack of 15. These birds are fed the same all natural non GMO and non soy feed as our ducks, except that their food has a higher protein percentage that quail require. For right now we do have them in custom caging. We are working to move them into a more free range like environment. When we do our price will go to 5 dollars per 15 eggs. These eggs though are absolutely top quality, Jack pretty much eats some every day. Check out two of his quail egg cooking videos here and here.

How to Buy our Eggs

We ask that you call to confirm that we currently have eggs available and set up a time to pick up your eggs. Depending on demand and seasonality our availability of eggs can change. Usually we have no problem coming up with one to two dozen eggs for new customers but at times we do run out.

The birds also simply lay less eggs in the winter season. If you like our eggs and want to ensure you always have them available we offer the ability to reserve a quantity in advance for those that want to do so, just ask us about it when you call.

To Reserve Your Eggs Just Call Dorothy Toll Free at 866-821-FARM and she will get you all squared away.

Nine Mile Farm
Nine Mile Farm on Facebook
7190 Nine Mile Bridge Road
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