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Recent Podcast Interviews

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Agritrue Goes Live and Links to Agritrue Podcast Interviews It’s been an exciting few weeks! As many of you already know, Agritrue went live on November 16th. Jack Spirko and I did an expisode on The Survival Podcast outlining the vision for Agritrue. You can list read more

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Wenneper Farms goes WAY BEYOND Organic

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One of our favorite farmers is Wendy Boe of Wennepher farms. Wendy goes way beyond the organic certification standard. Her animals are fed fresh fodder each day. They are never fed antibiotics or synthetic medications. They select heritage breeds specifically known for disease resistance to prevent the need to medicate. Animals are rotated daily to fresh pasture, and you wonÔÇÖt find any GMO feed anywhere on the property. Wennepher practices function stacking principles from permaculture to improve the soil. They use a leader-follower system...

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What we’re all about…

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We are dedicated to producing clean, nutrient dense food in a regenerative manner. We do not believe in sustainable food! To sustain is to maintain the status quo. If we keep doing what we have been with agriculture, we can expect more of the same. Safety recalls, lower vitamin and mineral content, and pesticide residues are just a few of the problems we hear about all the time with our food supply. The goal of Agritrue is to reverse that trend, one farm at a time. We believe it is possible for our farms to not only provide for us, but to...

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