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We are dedicated to producing clean, nutrient dense food in a regenerative manner. We do not Believe in sustainable food! To sustain is to maintain the status quo. If we keep doing what we Have been with agriculture, we can expect more of the same. Safety recalls, lower vitamin and Mineral content, and pesticide residues are just a few of the problems we hear about all the time With our food supply. The goal of Agritrue is to reverse that trend, one farm at a time.


We believe it is possible for our farms to not only provide for us, but to make our environment better by developing soils and creating unique ecosystems so that wildlife can thrive. Farms who carry the Agritrue label do not sustain, we regenerate the landscape. Each year we add to topsoil. Each year we increase the diversity of plant life on our farms. Each year we make the lives of our animals a little bit better.


Agritrue producers pledge to follow the principles of Permaculture as closely as possible on their farms. Our producers do not spray pesticides or herbicides. They do not plant GMO crops. They do not overcrowd livestock into confined animal feeding operations. Our aim with Agritrue is to provide a food certification standard you can trust. We go beyond the USDA Organic standard by requiring producers to do more than just strip mine the topsoil without chemicals. We do not consider a 10x10 concrete pad to be enough space for 20,000 chickens to produce ÔÇ£cage freeÔÇØ eggs.


What we are looking for in an Agritrue producer is an honest farmer working on a small scale to provide clean food to the local community. Farming is a messy business! You might be surprised to find out that it is literally impossible to sell truly cage free eggs that are ÔÇ£vegetarian fedÔÇØ. To put it simply, chickens are omnivores! If you allow them to actually roam around like chickens, they will find bugs to eat. If someone wants to claim their chickens never eat meat, yet somehow sell them as ÔÇ£cage freeÔÇØ, then that person need not sign up to be an Agritrue producer!


You might also be surprised to find out that we allow our producers to use GMO feed in markets where it is not possible or cost prohibitive to find GMO-┬¡free animal feed. We feel it is unfair to the small producer who is doing everything possible for the animals under their care to deny them membership. Some local markets have not evolved to the point where clean animal feed is abundant. How will they ever get there if we punish the small producers? We need as many people as possible doing things the right way to create a market for locally produced GMO-┬¡free animal feed. Agritrue will help address the demand side of the equation so that there will be a future supply of GMO-┬¡free feed for all farms.


From a food quality perspective, many of us prefer pastured animals fed GMO soy over those fed organic in a confined animal feeding operation. The reasons are many. We believe that good overall health can mitigate many of the possible negative effects of GMO feed. Pastured chickens get sunshine to produce vitamin D. They forage in the dirt, picking up many beneficial microbes in the process. They supplement their feed with seeds, greens, fungi, worms, and pretty much whatever they can find in the wild. Give me a pastured egg from a chicken fed GMO soy over a certified ÔÇ£cage free vegetarianÔÇØ egg any day!


Having said all that, we do allow producers who have reached GMO┬¡-free status to proudly display the Agritrue certified GMO- free label on all their farm fresh products. We offer several tiers of participation and encourage an honest discourse between farmers and local consumers. If you would like to support us in our work, you can start by shopping local whenever possible. Be sure to tell your favorite farmers about Agritrue and suggest that they join us. If you are a farmer who is already following the principles of regenerative agriculture Click Here to Become Agritrue Certified Today.