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Agritrue Goes Live and Links to Agritrue Podcast Interviews

It’s been an exciting few weeks! As many of you already know, Agritrue went live on November 16th. Jack Spirko and I did an expisode on The Survival Podcast outlining the vision for Agritrue. You can listen to that episode here. I’ve had the honor of being on three different shows to talk about Agritrue.

Agritrue Quality Products

You can listen to all three Agritrue Podcast episodes by following the links in this post. Before the first interview, Jack and I discussed the need to have a full-size certificate for everyone to bring to the farmers market. That’s in the works. I am also working on other marketing materials like posters and post cards that will be free for download for all participating members. My goal is to keep adding marketing materials each month to help our farmers succeed.

More Updates

We’re also working behind the scenes to improve Agritrue for our member farms. We added an SEO boost for all the members who are in the bronze tier and above. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have your farm’s website in your listing, you are taking advantage on this feature. Overall, I think it’s been a great start, but we are no where near finished! We need your help. Mention Agritrue to your friends and acquaintances in the farming world. The more farms we have, the more effort we can devote to growing the brand. My goal is to have Agritrue represented in every local farmers market around the country.

Agritrue Certified

The Organic Gardener Podcast

I also had the privilege of speaking on the Organic Gardener Podcast with Jackie Marie Beyer. Jackie and I discussed the difficulties farmers face sometimes with getting USDA Certified. We both agreed that Agritrue is a great way for small farmers to get some excellent marketing exposure in their local area. You can check out our interview here.


I also had the opportunity to be a guest interview on The Prepared Homestead. While Sean and I might not agree on everything, I think we can agree that the more farm related skills we can foster in our communities, the better. If you are perplexed as to why we currently allow GMO animal feed in our program, you need to listen to this episode. I’ll quickly break it down for you. We want Agritrue to be a resource for the beginning farmer. That’s why you can sign your farm up for less than a dollar a month. So, we came to the realization that for many people GMO-free animal feed is simply not available. We aim to change that! We want to help people just starting out by offering access to our certification and online directory.

To qualify, those farmers must still allow their animals access to fresh pasture or forest. They must have some sort of soil management program. Animals must be treated humanely. Finally, we do not allow the use of antibiotics except in acute cases. So, if an animal gets sick you can isolate and treat them. However, if you constantly feed medicated feed don’t bother signing up. That’s the standard, and I feel that it often makes for a superior product than USDA Organic. You often see standard chicken houses getting converted to organic just by making a few changes. We firmly believe that animals need access to nature, not just a different type of feed. Just ask these guys what they think about the fresh sunshine and grass.

Ducks at Nine Mile Farm

The Ducks Pictured Above Are Happy Residents of Nine Mile Farm

Stay tuned for more updates as we work to grow Agritrue into a nationally recognized brand. I was glad to be able to share these Agritrue Podcast episodes with you all. If you need any help or want to reach out to us, simply e-mail

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