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Wennepher Farms

John and Wendy of Wennepher Farms

One of our favorite farmers is Wendy Boe of Wennepher farms. Wendy goes way beyond the organic certification standard. Her animals are fed fresh fodder each day. They are never fed antibiotics or synthetic medications. They select heritage breeds specifically known for disease resistance to prevent the need to medicate. Animals are rotated daily to fresh pasture, and you wonÔÇÖt find any GMO feed anywhere on the property.

Fodder forms a staple feed for all the animals at Wennepher Farms.

Fodder forms a staple feed for all the animals at Wennepher Farms.

Wennepher practices function stacking principles from permaculture to improve the soil. They use a leader-follower system of livestock driven soil management. First the highlander cattle graze an area on the farm. The hogs hit the area next tilling and rooting up the soil. They are followed by chickens who help spread the fresh compost and further improve the soil. At this point fresh cover crops can be sown to create lush pastures the animals will revisit later on in the cycle.

Wennepher Farms sells at several local farmers markets and offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. You can check them out at Wennepher Farms or e-mail for more information.

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